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The 2017 Ethical Fashion Report

Baptist World Aid Australia has released its fourth report into the state of labour rights management systems in the fashion industry. It examines the strength of systems brands use to mitigate against the risks of forced labour, child labour, and exploitation in their supply chains.

19 April 2017 ... to quote ...

Niche ethical producers have consistently been the best performers when it comes to strong labour rights management. Etiko, Mighty Good Undies, and RREPP all scored the top grade, A+. These companies knew their suppliers from farm to factory and were willing to publicly disclose where they were producing. Etiko and Mighty Good Undies, also demonstrated that many of their suppliers were paying a living wage.

Of the multinational companies, Patagonia and Inditex (Zara) scored the highest with an A grade. Inditex was particularly strong on tracing and monitoring suppliers back to fabric production (second tier suppliers), while Patagonia has done relatively more to trace its raw materials (third tier suppliers) and demonstrate improved wages for workers.

H&M Conscious Exclusive in Australia

On sale from 20 April, 2017, in selected outlets, Conscious Exclusive is H&M's latest collection using organic and recycled materials to look towards the future of fashion.

19 April 2017

...fashion can become part of the solution.

Marie Claire UK

A short list of ethically produced and stylish brands - some global, some local.

21 March 2107 ... to quote ...

And the pieces look good too; gone are the lumpy, itchy, hempy pieces of the past. Every brand and designer listed below is on this list because of its eco credentials – and because they are creating genuinely amazing and wearable pieces.